V60 Pour-Over Dripper Guide for Beginners

Always wanted to try brewing your coffee with the V60 Dripper but not sure how to begin?

We got your back!

With this complete guide to the V60 Pour-Over Dripper, choosing a perfect V60 dripper will be easy breezy!

Which material should you choose?

Glass – Transparent and high quality, glass is a relatively good retainer for heat, resulting in consistent cups of coffee. Watch your daily morning coffee drip through the transparent glass therapeutically. Recommended for your daily use.

Plastic – Light and inexpensive, you can watch your coffee run down the ridges and drip into your coffee! Recommended if you are just beginning to use a coffee dripper. 

Ceramic – Hand-crafted by craftsmen and aesthetic, doubles as home decor. Ceramic provides excellent heat retention for extremely consistent cups of piping hot coffee. Recommended as a gift to coffee-lovers.

Metal – Lightweight and durable, your perfect travel partner. Available in three minimalistic, rustic designs. Recommended if you love to travel or be outdoors. Also suitable for the trendsetter!


Coffee dripping is one of the most relaxing morning routines that you can easily achieve every day. Wake yourself up with the aromas of good coffee every morning by following the instruction video below!

  1. Fold the paper filter along the edges and fit it into your V60 dripper. 
  2. Rinse the filter paper with hot water to remove the papery taste and warm the filter. Discard the rinse water.
  3. Weigh out your preferred amount of coffee grounds into the V60 dripper.
  4. Level the coffee grounds by shaking the V60 dripper lightly. Wet the coffee grounds with hot water and steam the coffee beans for 30 seconds.
  5. Pour hot water in, drawing small circles from the centre of the dripper, slowly circling outwards, while ensuring that the water does not directly touch the paper.
  6. Allow the water to drip through within 3 minutes, and serve your coffee while hot!


Coffee is very subjective to your preference. Remember to play around with the coffee:water ratio, grind size, and water temperature to achieve your ideal cup! 

Want to know anything else about the V60 coffee dripper? Comment down at the comment section below!