Origin of the name “HARIO”

The name HARIO is Japanese for King of Glass 玻璃王 (HARIO). The company has continued to deliver the beauty of color and new richness through high quality and heatproof glass. The foundation of HARIO’ s business strategy is 真善美楽 (shinzenbiraku). To pursue the truth of nature and well-being of people and fulfill needs which in turn become profit. To attain and make excellent use of high-quality materials, mastered techniques, and skilled personnel. To provide service and finely crafted products of value to customers. To deliver pleasure to society and provide happiness and wealth to businesses and employees involved. With this philosophy at heart, HARIO will continue the journey of producing inspiring products.

Eco-friendly and safe heatproof glass

HARIO uses 100% natural minerals to refine heatproof glass making it an environmentally friendly material. The glass is able to withstand high heat and, acid making it suitable for use in microwave ovens. To improve the safety level of heatproof glass 100% natural salt is used to remove bubbles that form in the glass during the manufacturing process. HARIO continues to create heatproof glass that is safe to use and safe for the environment.


Reliable, Safe & Environmentally-friendly Production Process

With the safety of the heatproof glass being highly evaluated in the medical, physical and chemical fields, we deliver to everyone a product of plastic combined with glass that will not emit environmental hormones when heated in the microwave, and a product that does not use any material that will leave us in doubt. Also, in order to protect our valuable natural resources, HARIO is promoting reusable containers.

A factory without chimneys

ISO9001 (Quality Management System)
ISO14001 (Environmental Management System)

Since 1972, HARIO manufactures heatproof glass in a factory without chimneys. Removing chimneys was achieved by the independent development of technology to melt raw materials of glass with electricity rather than with fuel oil. This achievement changed the concept of glass factories which were known for smoke and dust pollution to factories that provide safety for the surrounding environment as well as for the employees working inside.